Asana discusses creative Risks For Its Video Campaigns

Nov 21, 2023

Asana's Director of Marketing and Brand Marketing, Matt Maynard, states that the relatable experience is an entry point into a category to their brand. their work management platform can perform the bulk lifting. "There are certain situations or events you'd like your brand to be associated with."

The key point in the video was helping future customers to see Asana as the answer and not the source of their work worries. That meant taking some creative risks in how they presented the Asana company.

"We are a work management platform. Work is not a problem for Us... that's why it was crucial for us to start early and ensure to consider how these little work worries would work," clarifies Morgan Keys the Asana's Art Director. the creative team behind the brand.

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Project name "Tame Your Work Worries" | Asana
Stakeholders Matt Maynard, Head of Brand MarketingMorgan Keys, Art Director Brand Creative
Campaign objectives The Asana team needed a marketing strategy that leveraged a category entry point and enhanced the brand's perceived availability.

"Tame Your Work Worries" was a video campaign intended to help future buyers connect Asana as a way to control the work environment. This campaign would present the idea as an attempt to tame the Sunday Scaries with representations of work anxiety as small CG monsters creating havoc throughout work, at home as well as public settings.
Goals • Increase brand recognition and increase mental accessibility
* Associate Asana with the category's key entry the entry point
* Execute a complex video campaign that was relevant and likable
Resources Asana made sure to keep their creative team to a minimum and lean to working closely with Omelet, a Los Angeles marketing agency, Omelet, to flesh out and develop the concept.

The mixed creative team also was in close contact with a Toronto-based production company called Skin and Bones for the creation of practical visual effects and a French Visual Effects Studio Mathematic which renders 3-D models, and assist in bringing the CG monsters to life.

Asana additionally utilized their own project management software in conjunction with other integrations, to ensure that the project is transparent, organized, and efficient.
Principal to takeaways * Mental availability is key
* Be prepared to take calculated risks with your creativity.
* Create clarity for efficient collaboration