How Spotify's Creative Director works to produce content that helps strengthen the community.

Nov 19, 2023

The path for businesses toward a valuable video might seem like a jumble of untrue directions and dead end. When you believe that you've got your algorithm to work for you, it turns out that the organic content you've posted on social networks created by you will be an utter failure. Gavin Guidry, a video creator and creative director at Spotify examines the significance of collaboration to support community members and creators. The author also reviews the ways that this collaboration could alter the way that social media in an organisation.

"When you focus on the community and build authentic partnerships you will be able to create useful videos."

The first step is to understand that the path to become relevant has to be an experience with real people

People are trusted sources. Also, Gavin cautions us that as confidence grows in social media, the algorithms will also increase.
  While the phrase "influencer" is a one that comes with a considerable quantity of baggage, it's actually a distinct creator type that speaks to an audience through social media. Contrary to the conventional influencers, these makers don't care about commercial ads in addition to their commitment to building community is their primary motivation for attracting viewers who watch their videos.

"Working with people you're already familiar with, and are also well-known by your potential customers can help you market your products in an authentic, more authentic way."

Second step: Genuine collaboration should be centered around the creation of a sense of community

Marketers focus on the perception of their brand in addition to ROI along with other metrics that evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing. Creators are drawn to the authenticity of their work and relationships.
  However, Gavin insists that these don't need to conflict or be in conflict. Brands should focus on finding connections with influential people that feel more like a purchase rather than assisting a local group.
  What can brands do to find creators to build trust with their clients? Gavin gives these suggestions:

  • Select the most suitable segment
  • Find an audience that is fully involved.
  • Focus only on the actual user
  • Be bold and accept a unique style view
  • Locate a professional
  • Be supportive of anyone who is committed to their job

3. Relevance refers to the effectiveness to create video content to be you-centered to the community.

Video content is a great approach to educate and engage viewers. However, Gavin believes that in the event that video-based marketing campaigns are to achieve success on social media it is essential to place them in the same community videos were created to be a part of.
  It is possible to increase the popularity of your brand through understanding the reasons behind the creator's work as well as what the audience genuinely is interested in. In order to remain human, Gavin says brands have to be ready to fall.
  What's the difference between vulnerability and an organization? It's all about taking risks, acting as a human being and interacting with the community where they are physically as well as in a symbolic sense. Only when they do this, can brands be able to establish genuine relationships with their creators, and create video content that's profitable for both sides.

"It's not about trying to find the value of the culture. It's about earning community relevance."

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