Mimika Cooney: Using Video to assist you in improving the quality of your marketing course (Interview)

Feb 18, 2024

HTML0 CEO Greg Smith interviews branding strategist Mimika Cooney regarding the use of videos to enhance the effectiveness of advertising on the web.

More Details and Info Mimika Cooney

South African born Mimika Cooney is a businesswoman and has numerous passions in hosting on the television and as a method to build brands through the use of marketing via video, as well as photographer, who has been awarded accolades, in addition to being an author, speaker or speaker as well as mompreneur and a published. book. Mimika's aim is to help female entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams. She will also enhance their online presence and help them gain clients they wish to gain and create their business in as a business and expand their company so that they can focus on the areas they're interested in and passionate about.

Mimika began her entrepreneurial venture at just 16 and was successful in managing four different companies in three places: South Africa, England and the USA. Mimika is a strategic adviser in the field of Branding, Video and Marketing for entrepreneurs. She's a specialist in the area of training as well as authors as well as presenters. Mimika is known for her work as a facilitator of workshops. Her mastermind events have also included, workshops as well as workshops.

To contact Mimika you can reach her at mimikacooney.com

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