Modify your Member Account Portal to make an effective tool for marketing FOMO.

Feb 19, 2024

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The security features included in the Account Add-on Nav Tabs puts your most special benefits to the forefront and will help boost your site's revenues to the very top of the heap.

What's inside? Switch

We've all seen what can occur.

You're about to take an arc in the terminal during an endless, monotonous waiting time You see the signs"VIP Lounge" for passengers who are Platinum.

Beyond those doors is an exotic place brimming wonderful time-consuming delights. There are comfortable sofas, cheerful staff, and maybe even a hint Tchaikovsky to create a background.

If you're here, both the guide ticket and you will have to suffer through the worst of worn-out vinyl, dirty faces, and alarms coming from the speakers, and exhausted infants to in the coming 4 hours.

Miserable traveler sitting and waiting out a layover

If you're a frequent traveler it could be your last flight with-Platinum.

Exclusivity makes the company money!

The concept of providing something "more" in the event that you are able to justify the cost from the hard-earned cash it requires, is the perfect opportunity to advertise your business to your current as well aspotential members and customers. There is a huge benefit of being unique.

The value of the exclusivity (what marketers are calling FOMO) is precisely the reason the Protection of Account Navigation Tabs is about.

We'll demonstrate how to utilize this option to change your account's navigation for clients to a powerful marketing tool using FOMO.

Also, we'll give ideas for tabs that earn revenueto aid you in making use of this software in the most effective way.

In the meantime discuss the history of...

Account Nav Tabs Add-On Overview

Text reads " account navigation tabs".

is one of the most popular and well-known revenue plugin available for WordPress. It allows you to create and manage memberships, online courses and various subscription services.

It allows users to build and manage full-blown online coaching programs and manage the whole client management - with the benefits of an absolutely free of code interface.

What's the goal to this new extension?

Accounts are on a member's site, which will be accessed by your subscribers and members after they sign-up. Members are in a position to modify and view the information on their account.

Since the beginning it's a typical list of tabs for navigation. These include those which you'd expect to see on any typical membership website. You can also create your own tabs to be displayed on the login page.

It is possible to store all kinds of content behind tabs. Examples include...

  • Access to VIP Assistance
  • Downloadable resources are available for free, such as ebooks, well as white paper
  • Links to other resources which have been withdrawn
  • ...and virtually all other things

Make sure you create an VIP area for members and clients on your website. You can also add tabs that show protected accounts on your navigation bar for you to include to

With the inclusion of the well-known Rules feature to the mix, the navigational tabs on each client's account page could be transformed into a highly effective advertising FOMO tool.

How to Change Your Client's Account Navi to a FOMO marketing tool

The Tab represents the Ad

You've set aside an hour each weekday as a time for your clients to "walk-in" into your products as well as products. It's the equivalent of office hours your professor holds at college.

Of course, this type of access can be a very cost-effective utilization of time and it is only available to Premium-level users.

By using Account Nav Tabs Security it could be possible to to use the tab Premium customers have access at all times of the day in order to make a memorable advert and encourage low-plan users to make the move.

Create Your Own Member Portal based on Membership Types

It was a result of customer requests. This was sort of an "a-ha!" moment for our team. It was a great learning process for us. Our customers are members of multiple kinds.

Take the example of the airline I've mentioned. There are many passengers who travel on this airline who enjoy different membership levels. They also offer pilots. Many airlines offer an area for crew and pilots specifically for pilots.

In the case of a non-profit organization, you can also be part of a community group which donates funds and volunteers for staff. Utilizing accounts with Nav Tabs Account Nav Tabs as an extra, it's possible to provide a different user experience for every category of users.

The user that visits the website of their account may see tabs associated with their donation. This may be related to past donations, or the rewards for members, as well as access to the community of donors.

Volunteers could have a distinct page for their account. This could contain a program of training course for staff as well as volunteers, an agenda for volunteer work, or other material that's not appropriate for the donors.

Another method of earning cash to fund your account Tabs Content

Exclusive Members Resources Create tabs to access valuable information such as videos, ebooks and tutorials as well as exclusive material. These tabs should be secured depending on the degree of membership. Ensure that only Premium memberships can access.

customized coaching content on websites offering personalized coaching or consulting tabs The tabs are secured and customized to suit the needs of individuals or specific groups. They can provide a customized experience through material, assignments, and feedback directly linked to the program of coaching the program they're running.

Event Registrations and Special Offers Find a tab where you can sign up for special events and promotions, encrypting the information so only people who have a certain number of active users or are not active for a specified time are able to access future events in addition to specific promotions.

Forums that are only accessible to members and Communities: If your website hosts community boards or forums protected tabs are able to connect users to these forums, while making sure that only users who have access levels access these spaces of interaction.

Advanced Training Modules developed for use on educational websites. Tabs are a way to gain access to advanced training classes and courses that are certified in those who satisfy certain criteria and encourage members to improve their skills or take part in greater depth in your content.

Access for Beta Features Give your users the opportunity to test the most current capabilities and services before the time they're released to the general world. Make sure that these tabs are secured to ensure only the people who've registered as beta tester can access these sections.

Contribution and Financial Information For non-profits and communities the secure tab can give financial details, donation history, and specific updates for individuals or donors with a specific level of donation.

Custom Dashboards and Analytics give users each dashboard that displays the development of their performance, data analytics as well as any other details regarding usage in your system. Secure these tabs so the members can only access the information that pertains to their particular activity and the level at which they are.

Opportunities for Networking Provide a platform for networking opportunities such as the directory of members or lists of contacts, that is only available to users who belong to certain network or level.

Access to archived content Tabs that are covered by this feature contain the links to webinars archived or workshops along with other materials that has been archived in the past. This makes them available exclusively for those who have been members for a long time, or people who have completed specific goals in your organization.

The account navigation tabs expand the options for your customers. We'll discuss ways to customize your member portal according to your membership.

The Next Steps

Anything that rhapsodies can be used, and in particular the FOMO marketing tool that deserves its name. Additionally, specificallyas it has to do with your online business the most important thing is the bottom line.

The following steps are simple in light of the specific circumstances you face:

This latest update is an additional acknowledgement to our customers. The Account Nav Tabs add-on provides the latest choices for both users as well clients. We're interested to hear how you'll use the latest feature.

Tell us your thoughts. What are your methods to make use of custom portals for websites? Comment on the comment area here.

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