We invite you to join us at SaaS North 2023! -

Nov 19, 2023

Are you looking to be part of SaaS founders and experts in technology who will be discussing some of the hottest trends that are affecting SaaS businesses? If so, join at the SaaS NorthNovember 15-16th! We'd like to talk to with you at our stand B70!

Since its inception, SaaS North has been identified as THE Canadian center for rapid-scaling SaaS entrepreneurs and teams. If you're looking to get involved in SaaS it is a must to go to Ottawa in the Shaw Centre to fulfill the goal of fostering an ecosystem that is thriving and populated with the best SaaS founders, investors, and top executives in Canada. The largest live conference that is held on the ground in Canada and has a record attendance of 2,000 with over 800 companies and 100+ speakers--along with highlights like the Betakit Keynote Stage, AWS Pitchfest, Workspaces Tradeshow.

The event is full of networking opportunities as well! This conference gives attendees access to many different occasions like Craft Beer Mingler, "Food to Think About", Socializer at the End of Day Socializer and even more!

Where can I purchase tickets?

Still need tickets? Visit the registration page for your ticket to enjoy outstanding speakers, incredible networking opportunities, and exclusive software to maximize your enjoyment and more!

How do I connect to Web SaaS North?

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